Exhibit 14

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01/28/2004 17h30 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin

Arabic (egyptian ?).

01/27/2004 13h00 Les Mureaux - place de la République

In an email message dated August 1st, 2004, and signed 'Chelsea', Mtndew131 identified the singer in #71 as Aaliyah (1979-2001), the song title being 'Don't worry'.
Chelsea wrote: "71 also contains a fragment of Aaliyah's song 'Are you that somebody?'" Both titles appear on the album I care 4 You, posthumously released in 2002. Aaliyah died in a plane crash on the Bahamas in august 2001.

01/08/2004 12h10 Bobigny - rue de Chablis

A complete cassette, badly damaged (see picture on the right), but still playable, found in the mud (it was raining) next to one of the trees on the pavement just before the entrance to the 'Illustration' building. One side: pop/disco, continuing for a while on the other side, before somewhere in the middle of a track (hit 'record') giving way to arabic raï music (identified by Miryam Aroua as being by Khaled; my iPhone's Shazam (february 16th, 2010) recognized it more precisely as Khaled's track 'Liah liah').

11/08/2003 18h00 Vincennes - rue de Fontenay, near the 'Coeur de Ville' building

Several tracks from an album by some (probably spanish) sing-song-er. In the montage his rendering of Stevie Wonder's 'I just called to say I love you' ... live . [ Shazam and Sound Hound (february 16th, 2010) identified this version as being Gilberto Gil's (Só Chamei Porque te Amo) ].

11/06/2003 10h50 Paris XX - Porte de Vincennes

Picked up near the ringway, the 'périphérique'. Rap (a fragment of Abandon ship, by Busta Rhymes, feat. Rampage the last Boys Scout), and jazz-rock band tracks (Sound Hound - february 16th, 2010 - recognized part of the track 'Denmark' by the German band disJam).

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Notes related to Exhibit 14

"Parfois l'amour tourne à l'obsession ..."
Found Tapes for Spies

cover EP

Exhibit 14 is one of the four tracks of 'Found Tapes for Spies', a net-EP released by the mexican 'Música para Espías', in february 2005.


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