Fifty fifty head

"Fifty-fifty" is a limited-to-50 numbered edition on C30 chrome cassette of the microphone-to-MD recording of the jubilee duo-dictaphonic chamber performance of Rinus van Alebeek and HarS, on saturday december 9th 2006, in Vincennes, France. Each of the 50 cassettes comes with a functioning walkman cassette player (either found or bought second hand at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores ...), packed in a hand decorated card board box.
All copies will be documented on these pages, and linked to its owner ... Its current owner, that is ... for of course you are free - we even encourage you - to hand them on, and/or to trade them!


The first of the fifty (see the picture above) went to Rinus. It comes with a previously owned Jiali (chinese) cassette player and recorder ('with a built speaker', it reads [sic] in english on the little machine's housing). The player was bought at the Montreuil flea market on december 17th, 2006.

fifty fiftyhow to get fifty-fifty?

Numbered copies of 'fifty-fifty' will be available during (some of the) live performances by HarS and/or van Alebeek. You may also order your copy by ...

The cost of 'fifty-fifty' is 50, but you are free to pick your own favorite currency, among one of the following :

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