Harold Schellinx (aka Har$) is an independent musician/composer/artist, writer and theorist.


He was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Avant-rock musician based in Amsterdam (1975-1985). Editor and London correspondent of Dutch 'modern music magazine' Vinyl (1981-1983). Studied formal music and computer-aided composition with Gottfried Michael Koenig at the Utrecht Institute of Sonology (1983-85), and mathematics and its foundations with Anne Troelstra at the University of Amsterdam (Ph.D. 1994). Researched in mathematical logic and the foundations of computer science (1990-2000). Continues to advance towards greater achievements.


[ Portrait Audacieux / Audacious Portrait (2015) ]

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"One must know in order to dare
One must dare in order to will
One must will to have the empire
And to reign one must be silent"
(Eliphas Lévi)