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december 31, 2006.

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... here's 5 performances and one recording session to end the year ...

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If doing something twice in a row means it has become a tradition, then doing a concert on my birthday became a tradition.

Last year we did the Vicky's Mosquitos Special at the Rotonde de Choc.
This year Rinus van Alebeek came over from Berlin, just after das kleine Field Recording festival that he organized there late november, and before traveling on to Bilbao for a performance on december 15th at the Musica Ex Machina festival.

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On the thursday evening of december 7th we played as a trio, together with Philipe Simon on electric violin, at La Miroiterie, a small but exciting squat-venue in Ménilmontant, run by Andy Bolus.

We were first of a four part bill.

Our dictaphones + violin set was short, fast, dense, furious. We took off rather suddenly, and in less than no time were launched up to _max density_ where we continued to flex'n'move for about fifteen minutes, within the little 'headroom' that was left ... very adventurous ... I mainly remember Philipe's bent back, who played his violin while being on his knees before the loudspeaker behind me for the whole fifteen minutes, ending with an islamic prayer emanating from our tsunami of sounds :: "earth's very gravity balance was altered, and the north pole shifted by an inch" ... Come to think of it, I hardly even saw Philipe's violin that evening ... [ A microphone-onto-minidisc recording of the Simon-vanAlebeek-HarS trio is included as the second half of this soundblog edition's podcast sono... ]

miroiterie miroiterie

Other acts that seventh of december at la Miroiterie: ___ zaraz wam zagram + TG ___ undo, being Romuald Fogolin and Jean Philippe Saulou ___ blue sabbath black fiji, being a girl and a boy and - mostly - guitars ...
On their myspace page blue sabbath black fiji tells us that "they act with the guitarre. it can be that the rythmus or the song is added the climate of these improvisations is coldly with the disco music of disco music heat changes spherical spaces until the weiredness polyrythmic mortal into metal of death comes rather as well and makes cook the animal..." As this point I could hardly tell you better. But I think Andy Bolus can. Andy's a real fine observer, as I already had the pleasure finding out at some earlier occasion, roaming with him and others through Belleville at night. "The way I see them," Andy said, "is more like they are two lovers, and I see that before I even see the music ... They're always so in love, like, hugging each other, you know, being very, sort of ... 'fuck everyone else' sort of thing. Really sort of, it's like their universe, and they don't need anyone else ... It does totally represent what they do when they play live ... or the other way round, you know ... it's kinda like they are making a big love ball out of guitar distortion and stuff ... you understand what I mean? ..."

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On friday december 8th we did a Diktat concert in Cannelle Tanc and Frédéric Vincent's gallery Immanence, near the Montparnasse tour, with undo doing a first part set.
were tighter, denser, more aggressive ... more coherent than the day before at La Miroiterie ... I enjoyed what they did at Immanence.

Diktat Immanence Diktat Immanence

Between november 10th and december 16th Immanence hosted an exposition of work by the german photographers Patrick Huber and Ute Lindner, who Rinus had met in Berlin.
The gallery proved an interesting place to perform, and a great place for the second Diktat concert (the first one had been eight months and a day before, on april 7th in project 101).
We decided to try and make use of the gallery's space, and each of the four players set up and performed from one of the corners of the high-ish rectangular exposition room.
The Immanence audience, sitting down on the floor in the middle, this time around had the best perspective. It was interesting to hear the performance back in a stereo recording made from an audience spot, but of course - as always, but even more so in this case - quite a bit of the 'depth' of the sounding structure must have gotten lost [flattened] in projection ...

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fifty_fifty Saturday december 9th was my birthday. It was Rinus' birthday one week later, december 16th. As of this month together we stand for a century's worth. To mark the occasion, on saturday evening there was a small private party at my place. During the evening Rinus and I did a duo-dictaphonic set. It was recorded (with microphone onto MD). Of this recording we will make 50 copies on C30 chrome cassette, which will be available as a special numbered anniversary edition. Each cassette comes with its own walkman player (found or bought second hand at a flea market, thrift store or garage sale), packed in its own hand decorated cardboard box. They will be made, one by one. I made the first one, and presented it to Rinus for his birthday. For information on how to order and get yourself a hand-made 'fifty-fifty' duo-dictaphony box, there's the 'fifty-fifty' page ...

(added september 29, 2022)


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la vitrineThe day after, sunday december 10th, saw us wearing the same clothes, acting out pretty much the same gestures, but working with different sounds, at La Vitrine (de l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy). We had actually planned another trio with Philipe Simon on violin, but as Philipe and his violin did not arrive at la Vitrine in time for the set, that did not work out. Not this time ... I do hope we'll be able to get together again, if only for once to see Philipe play the instrument. I nevertheless greatly enjoyed our late afternoon duo-dictaphony at la Vitrine, the feeling of which - the atmosphere - was very different from that of the 'fifty-fifty' set of the night before. As there was a pregnant girl among the audience we started with the volume relatively low, and it stayed so for much of the thirty/forty minutes long set.
(This was one of those performances that must remain 'memory only', for for some reason my MD recorder stopped the recording after less than 2 minutes. I had a similar problem at Immanence, where the recording halts five minutes before the set ends ... fortunately there was a second recording - be it mp3 only - being made ... I suspect it to be due to errors on the discs used, but not sure of that ...)

la vitrine la vitrine la vitrine

At la Vitrine we were again - for the third time this week - 'sharing the bill' with undo, who performed after us, with a guest - maybe two? I just remember the guy seated to the left treating an awesome looking old electric guitar ... their set was somewhat incoherent and rambling, but did manage to grab me at times (even though Romuald said afterwards that he had felt it to be totally shit ...)
The event was part of le grand chelem et le petit schmilblick, an exposition bringing together four collectives: Atelier Cherry, Club Sandwich, Persona non Grata and Vacancy. I was happy getting to know Vacancy, and am particularly intrigued by their project, of, for the duration of an evening, 'invading' and 'transforming' apartments emptied by the former occupants, just before the next tenants arrive ...

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On december 12th Rinus moved on again, via Bordeaux to Bilbao, and hence he had to miss the Diktat performance on friday december 15th. That was at the Rotonde de Choc, in the Espace Jemmapes (Paris X), thus bringing us on this 31st december back to the very spot where this year's edition of the soundblog started on the 1st of january.
It was an occasion to bring into practice the idea of Diktat as an 'ensemble of varying geometry', and I invited Jean-Jacques Duerinckx to come over from Brussels to Paris with his sopranino sax, to join the Diktat trio base - Bordé, Rébus, HarS - and complete it into a quartet. And for this third Diktat concert to have two instrumentalists meeting two dictaphonists.
We did the second part of the evening, after a double bass solo set by Matthieu Immer.
The intimacy of the small 'chambre noire' proved a near perfect spot for this Diktat.
"Three concerts, that makes a band," we concluded afterwards ... all much looking forward to continue the Diktat adventure in the new year ...

chez bordeLate afternoon saturday december 16th, Jean-Jacques and I met up at Jean Bordé's place, with Jean and saxophone player Bertrand Gauguet. We played and recorded three sessions together ... saxophones, bass, dictaphones ... There was a particularly fun moment towards the end of our (long) third session, when our playing almost as if by magic was taken over by the sounds 'breaking in' through the open window, of children laughing and talking. You may hear it happen in the about fifteen minute extract from the recording that is the the first half of this soundblog edition's podcast sono ...


On our way back from Jean's to catch the underground Jean-Jacques and I chanced upon fires and people out in the rue Emile Desvaux, where a street party was going on. We joined in, and were offered good wine, talk and laughs ... It was almost new year's eve ...

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