Introducing Resonance - a European sound art network

october 13, 2010.

Resonance is a recently launched European collaboration that focuses on the production, resonance the presentation, the documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art. The choice of name (which in the context of sonic arts and phonic activities worldwide is, arguably, somewhat overused) is clarified in the project's mission statement:

"Sound installations do not have a fixed time frame, do not follow any specified dramaturgical dynamics and rarely display any narrative structures. The architectural, social and historic space is the subject of artistic debate. This location-specific quality links sound art to individual spaces which you can enter and leave in an open time frame. This is why it is very difficult to reproduce sound art at different places with the same level of resonance."

The Resonance project is coordinated by Stichting Intro/In Situ in Maastricht (the Netherlands). Co-organizers are the Flanders Festival (Festival van Vlaanderen) in Kortrijk (Belgium) and the Singuhr Hörgalerie in Berlin (Germany). Current associated partners are Association Bazar (Lille, France), the Audio Art Festival (Krakow, Poland), Lydgalleriet (Bergen, Norway) & Skanu Mezs (Riga, Latvia)

Through a series of residencies, Resonance will provide artists with opportunities to produce and show new sound installations in an European context. The first four selected contributing sound artists are Pierre Berthet and Esther Venrooy (both from Belgium), Dutch sound artist Paul Devens, and Stefan Rummel from Germany

I have been asked to monitor the Resonance project, which - for starters - will run until May 2012. That, I think, is an interesting and instructive assignment, so I gladly accepted. An important part of my task will be that of editor, of a blog centered around the activities of the network.

A bèta-version of that blog is currently online. You'll find it at http://resonancenetwork.eu.

resonance blog


Besides being a showroom for the network's activities, I intend the Resonance blog to become a resource for reflection on what sound art was, is and will be, and an online platform for (European) sound art in general. Therefore, consider this an open call (no fixed deadline; but the sooner, the better) for contributions to the Resonance blog. Please send proposals to harold[at]resonancenetwork[dot]eu.

twit If you're using Twitter, follow @resonancenet for updates on the network's activities and other occasional sound art news.



On Monday October 4th, together with Stichting Intro In Situ's recently appointed new artistic director Bart van Dongen, I visited Panels, an installation by Paul Devens that (until January 16th, 2011) can be heard and seen at the Bureau Europa/NAiM in Maastricht.

The Bureau Europa is housed in the Wiebengahal, which is one of the very few remaining industrial buildings of the former Société Céramique, a pottery that used to occupy this area on the south-east side of Maastricht. One of the reasons that the Wiebengahal was spared from demolition and was given the status of industrial monument is the special construction of its roof. The curved, semicircular structure, has made the vast upper floor of the building into a low vault that gives the space a very peculiar acoustics.

The space and acoustics of the Wiebengahal's upper floor (attic) are what Paul's impressive and elaborate installation is about.

paul devens panels

There is a detailed description of Panels together with a short sound impression in The Ringing Wealth of Curves.

Panels is a typical example of what I think of as abstract, architectural sound art: the work has been conceived for this specific location, it highlights its acoustic properties and peculiarities, and applies pure (abstract) sound to make the space audible.

Paul's installation therefore will be a perfect setting for The public, the sonic, the spatial, a symposium and a series of performances that will focus on the many ways in which 'space and sound' are inter-related. The two day event (on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October) is co-organized by NAiM/Bureau Europa and Stichting Intro/In Situ, as part of the Resonance project. Artists, theorists and architects will gather in Maastricht to lecture and perform right in the midst of Panels, on the Wiebengahal's upper floor.

Participants include Justin Bennett (nl/gb), Karin Bijsterveld (nl), Emre Erkal (tr), Raviv Ganchrow (nl/il), Brandon Labelle (de/us), Wim Langenhoff (nl), Eran Sachs (il/de), Janek Schaefer (gb), Basak Senova (tr), Kees Tazelaar (nl), and Esther Venrooy (be/nl).

There's more information over at the Resonance site.

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