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jul 24, 2003.

I received my copy of Start > Transmission, the promotional sampler CD for Me'd1.ate's Project > Soundwave. It's an interesting product, and I'm pretty happy with DJ Zangs' "treatment" of our Les Années Pop. (The sampler was mixed by the DJ from 'select pieces of the Project > Soundwave CD.)

Start > Transmission

These 'selected pieces' are pretty diverse and interesting. Here's a couple:
In Maria Blondeel's 'Street Light' tones are produced by an electronic sound generator installed in a car, reacting in real time to the intensity of the light via light sensors attached to the car windows.
Auditem's 'Concert for Escalators' is based on recordings of different ... well, eh ... escalators in Vienna.
Steve Stelling, from Columbus, Ohio, recorded his voice speaking messages he found on his answering machine, in 'hastily rehearsed' unison with each caller's original message.
For 'Notebook' Chris Musgrave used the sounds of hitting the keys of his laptop, sampled via the built-in microphone of his notebook.

The complete list is on the CD's webpage.
The sampler is send for free to all supporters of the Project > Soundwave.

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