chaz you spaz !

jul 04, 2003.

New Yerseyan postman Chaz the Spaz, aka Fanaro, recently launched a couple of dozens of 'interview' threads on's Main Artist Board Forum, a messageboard that for many months now has been a place to avoid, spreading, as it did, the stench of the mega-OMD's impending demise.

Chaz's interviews did bring a sudden sparkle of life, though.
Or is this merely a final spasm?

A laudable initiative from an strictly positive guy.

"Sound tapestries are not for mass consumption. Clearly, an attitude adjustment is needed when listening to this type of music. Fill us in on the where's and why-fors of what you have gathered, "from a private collection of lo-fi field-recordings, made between the mid-1970's and now", Chaz asked while we were sound asleep last night.

Then one blue nine threw in some more ...

Well, I'm glad they've been asking ...

[ added dec. 29, 2003 - Ever since 'the old' went down, and took all of its content down with it, the original messageboard threads of course no longer are available. Rick Munarriz, however, saved Chaz's interviews, and keeps them online on his 'Liquid Stereo' site. ]

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