London Diary





Are we going to be out, or are we staying in? There's just some hours left before the big leap, and still M. and I haven't made up our mind... This morning I flew back over the clouds from cloudy Holland to cloudy Notting Hill, feeling pretty miserable after a week of depressing family rituals. The only fun I had were a couple of solitary walks through the fields -- during the too few hours that it did not rain or storm -- and the afternoon I spent at the local cemetery, photographing the graves of dead relatives. M. didn't think that funny at all. "Maybe you should consider a career as a full time vampire, love! You're doing a great job as a part-time creep...", she sneered, then jumped at me, slung her arms around my shoulders and started to bite my neck, real hard. Talking about vampires! Well, it had been a week, of course ...