London Diary




"brand new"

Okay. Let's make a brand new start... How often in a life-time can one start 'all over again'? Over the years inertia's increasing, and, let me assure you: it'll be even more difficult next time... Impossible? Maybe not... I always felt that there's nothing much truly impossible. It's only that we're simply built in this way: though nothing prevents us from regularly updating our system, there just is no safe way to get rid of them old files... Oh boy, and wouldn't I just love to dump some parts of my hard disk in that garbage can and hit 'delete'! But, no way! Things may go to sleep for a while, PUSH!ed, compressed and packed far, far away. Until suddenly, without a warning, POP!, they open up again...

Random access ...

Here I am, in this little gem of an appartment, in a quiet street just off Westbourne Park Road. There's four rooms, a kitchen and a bath room, shared with Melissa's lovely 'mate', Jennifer. They've got the exclusive use of two of them, each, which makes two for us, two for her. I installed my little private working space in 'our' bedroom. Table, laptop, paperworks, walkman, headphones, books ... Early in the morning the three of us have breakfast and a lot of laughs. Then Jenn and M. are off to work. And so, yeah ... I'm all alone, in this lovely flat, in a quiet street just off Westbourne Park Road, and switch on my notebook. Make a brand new start... What on earth is there to stop me?