London Diary





This monday morning M. left. She'll be out of London for 2 weeks, no less. She's working for a company that organizes international business and technology meetings. This time around it's all happening in Bristol. Something or other on the state-of-the-art in shipbuilding. Lots of Japanese, apparently. I will join her there for the weekend. Some air... hope it'll do me good.

Cold but sunny, this week; spend lots of time in the park, just sitting around, trying to clear up my thoughts. No luck, though ... shady, shady ... Wished I had some XanaX - if only for the love of symmetry! - around, to swallow.

We're unhappy chemically, so why shouldn't we get happy, chemically?

I could ask Ricky to send me some...

Managed all week to avoid my landlord on his 'rent-collecting'-tour. Also financially heading for an all-time low ...