London Diary





Managed to get myself more or less together again, and travelled down to Richmond, with some lousy excuse for not turning up yesterday. I put on my most seductive smile, and managed to engage in an eulogistic discourse on the merits of Dutch-style soccer, past, present and future.

An interesting outfit, actually. They have more going for them than just the silly soccer-stuff. A couple of guys about my age was throwing together loads of horrendous graphics in order to create some never-seen-before world. Dark & electric. I didn't quite get the story, but of course basically it was something like the forces of Evil setting out on a course of fear & destruction, and you gotta find a way to stop them... Not really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed their dedication.
I somehow missed out on all the excitement of computergames getting 'bigger than Hollywood'. Never got beyond 'Tetris' and 'Bongo Man'...

Anyway. I landed the job ... 950 quid... That should keep me going for a while.