Exhibit 112

[ Vincennes (France) - 8 december, 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


10/02/2009 19h15 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Statensingel spot

On the corner with Laag Frankrijk (see photo). Also this tape spotted from inside the bus from the Maastricht train station to Malberg. Divers pop and dutch entertainment, like Maar ik heb jou by De Makkers, Toe kom in m'n armen by Bobby Prins and tracks from Queen's Innuendo.

09/19/2009 19h Montreuil (France) - rue d'Alembert spot

Box with language course tapes and 8mm film, amidst rubbish on the corner with the rue de Paris.

09/17/2009 10h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Quellijnstraat spot

On pavement before #161 (see scan). Popo. Michael Jackson.

09/15/2009 19h Vincennes (France) - avenue de Paris spot

On the pedestrian crossing towards the avenue Gambetta (see photo). arabic

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