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12/13/2008 15h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein spot

Caught in a plant stand near the entrance to the Bagel & Beans on the corner, at nr. 2 (see photo). My iPhone's Shazam recognized: "Kisses of Fire", by Abba.

12/10/2008 18h15 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Westeinde spot

Having arrived in Amsterdam, when I get off the tram at the Stadhouderskade, I again spot a tape around the pole of traffic light, next to the pedestrians crossing. On the tape I found German Christmas songs: "O Tannenbaum" ...

12/10/2008 13h30 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue Fonsny spot

In Brussels I leave the bus in the avenue Fonsny, near the Gare de Midi, where I will take the train on to Amsterdam. When I prepare to cross the road over to the station's entrance, on the corner with the rue de Russie, I spot a bit of tape wound around the pole of a traffic sign. My iPhone's Shazam recognized: "Tu planes sur moi", by Native.

12/10/2008 08h50 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni spot

On my way to the Gallieni station, to get a bus that'll take me to Brussels, I find a 3M data-tape (see picture) in the gutter near the offices of 'Emerson Network Power'. The writing on the tape's cover suggests that the data save that's on it was made in november 1997.

11/28/2008 20h45 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni spot

On the corner with the rue Edouard Vaillant, a French educational 'listen-learn-play' cassette tape for children, from 1987 (Clé International): "Il était ... une petit grenouille - 2" (see picture).

11/25/2008 11h20 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni

Blue cassette, lying next to a plastic toy. Both were left behind lying on a green bed sheet on the pavement (see photo). The cassette contains a recording of Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain's album "Making music", from 1987; in the montage Jan Garbarek plays the sax.

10/27/2008 15h00 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du Jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

Passing across the square, I picked up five tapes that were left there after the daily flea market had ended:
E - Recordings by an italian singer, not recognized by Shazam. In the montage we hear his version (sung in Italian) of Procol Harum's 'A whiter shade of pale'.
D - Another series of Bosch commercials (in Flemish), for that very same shop in Schilde and again for Bosch equipment, on a cassette labeled 'Studio 43, Bruxelles'.
C - Iotta Communications NV SA - a radio commercial (in Flemish) for a shop (Broeckx, Schilde) selling Bosch circular saws.
B - L'anglais sans peine (copy) 101-145 / 147-154 English language lecçons for francophones.
A - The Best of Heino (Electrola, 1981) .

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