Exhibit 98

[ - Vincennes (France), april 05 + 06, 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


10/17/2008 20h30 Paris XX (France) - avenue du Professeur André Lemierre spot

In the gutter, on the corner with the rue Edouard Vaillant. Arabic

10/04/2008 15h45 Montreuil (France) - rue de Paris spot

Small strand on the road, near nr. 237.

09/23/2008 08h40 Montreuil (France) - rue Emile Zola spot

On the corner with the rue Jacquard. Almost, but not completely, empty.

09/23/2008 08h30 Montreuil (France) - rue Emile Zola spot

On the head of the parking lot, on the corner with the rue du Progrès. Arabic.

09/06/2008 03h00 Braine L'Alleud (Belgium) - Chaussée de Tubize spot

Contributed by Jean-Jacques Duerinckx, who found this tape on the pavement in front of his early saturday morning coming home from partying in Brussels (see the photos). It contains a mix by a (holiday) DJ shouting and yelling along to tracks that my iPhones's Shazam recognized as being by Mya ('Case of the Ex'), Tyrese/Da Brat ('Watch'chu Like'), P!nk ('Most Girls'), Violator ('Put your hands up') and Ludacris ('Southern Hospitality')...

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