Exhibit 35 - Aubervilliers/Pantin II - july 11th, 2005

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On monday, july 11th, I went back to Aubervilliers/Pantin, and walked once again along the avenue Jean Jaurès: from metro station Aubervilliers-Pantin Quatre Chemins to the Place Auguste Baron, and back to metro station Fort d'Aubervilliers. I actually went to make some pictures, and not to search tapes per se. Again, though, as on june 25th, they were everywhere ... Maybe some that I missed a couple of weeks ago, but most must have been 'new arrivals'. I got back on the metro with eleven more finds ...


07/11/2005 17h15 Aubervilliers - near the bus stop at metro Fort d'Aubervilliers

In the gutter. "Sunshine reggae". Shazam and Soundhoud [ june 11th, 2010 ] says it's by the Night Dreamers.

07/11/2005 17h12 Aubervilliers - Fort d'Aubervilliers

On the drive way leading to the stables of Zingaro. Some minutes later and fifty meters further, along the gate bordering the Fort, I found a second strand of the same tape. Recording of a Jewish religious gathering. Music (live recording) and some words on the sabbath. This tape appears to be one from a series of tapes with Torah teachings ... "Si l'infini est infini le reflet ne peut pas finir ...!"

07/11/2005 16h55 Pantin - avenue du Cimitière Parisien

Caught in the branches of a large thorn bush near the right hand side entrance of the cemetery (see picture). Julien Clerc sings. "Si on chantait".

07/11/2005 16h30 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

On te lawn behind one of the HLM appartment buildings, next to nr. 140. Small piece. On one side a (church?) choir sings. On the other side: an eighties synth pop tune, that I do and should know ... just hang on there for a sec ... Shazam and Soundhoud [ june 11th, 2010 ] identified it as Axel F., by Harold Faltermeyer.

07/11/2005 16h25 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

Tape catcher opposite the lycée Marcelin Berthelot. House. (Shazam [ june 11th, 2010 ] recognized Party Affair (Radio Mix), by DJ Boozywoozy.)

07/11/2005 16h18 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

Tape catcher opposite car service station "Speedy". Stevie Wonder's I just called to say I love you and other wonders of pop.

07/11/2005 16h17 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

Tape catcher opposite nr. 98. Anglophonic, funk/soul. (Shazam [ june 11th, 2010 ] recognized My All, by Mariah Carey.)

07/11/2005 16h10 Aubervilliers - avenue Jean Jaurès

Tape catcher opposite nr. 45. Female pop singer. Don't know what language she's singing in. (SoundHound [11 june 2010] identified the track as "Ne Gusi Me", by the Servian singer Ceca, from her album Gore od ljubavi).

07/11/2005 15h55 Paris XIX - place Auguste Baron

Around a pole on traffic island (see picture), at the entrance to the avenue Jean Jaurès. Atmospheric/synthi, giving rise to sort of electro-caribean.

07/11/2005 15h45 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

Tape catcher opposite nr. 48 (see picture). Synthi/techno pop.

07/11/2005 15h40 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

On the pavement near the construction site of 'Le Clos des Marguerites'; just a couple of centimeters. Pop.

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