Exhibit 10

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06/03/2003 13h05 Bobigny - avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier, along the tram track, somewhere between stops Escadrille Normandie-Niemen and Gaston Roulaud

Pretty badly damaged. Raï. Two of the fragments are from Khaled's song 'Chebba' (thank you, Miryam Aroua :-).

06/03/2003 12h45 Bobigny - boulevard Maurice Thorez, opposite the shopping center

Turkish rock. Identified, in an e-mail dated february 18th 2005, by Lorenza Soverini and Lorenzo Snidero, from Bologna, Italy, as including part of a Tarkan song: "Ölürüm Sana", from his album Ölürüm Sana.

05/26/2003 12h30 Bobigny - rue Diderot, near nr. 11

Anglophonic pop music, with 'King of Pop & Neverland' himself: Michael Jackson. I do not know what song, what record. The find contains another song, which I do not think is one of Mr. Jackson's, pretty sugary - the lyrics of which ask and/or promise "to make the world a better place for you and me".
[ DaveX (email dated jan. 16, 2005) corrected me on this: the song containing this lyrics line actually is a Jackson song. It is part of the lyrics to 'Heal the world', from the album Dangerous. The fragment sounding in the exhibition must be from the song 'Jam', on the same album ... at least, that is what I thought ... but I was corrected again, this time by Andy Wesley Lyons, who, in an email dated june 13th, 2005, wrote: "The fragment is from the song 'Can't Let Her Get Away', from Dangerous. They do sound alike, though ..." ]

05/23/2003 12h45 Pontoise - avenue François Mitterand

This is a fragment of 'It ain't necessarily so', from the recording of Gershwin's Porgy & Bess, performed by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, originally recorded in 1957, and released on Verve Records. Found three weeks and a couple of hundreds of meters from time and place where I found nr. 45 (part of exhibit #9). So it is pretty likely that this strand used to be part of the very same tape ...

05/05/2003 13h10 Les Mureaux - rue de Lucenay, near nr. 50

Caribean (?).

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