Exhibit 09

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05/02/2003 12h40 Pontoise - rue du Général Schmitz

Behind the Science & Technology faculty building of the University Cergy-Pontoise, the rue du Général Schmitz leads to a piece of wasteland, where I picked up this piece of cassette tape, heavily covered with mud. It broke down in many smaller pieces, that I tried to clean as well as possible.
The music on it is classical, most (all?) from Mozart's Die Zauberflöte.

04/30/2003 9h45 Vincennes - avenue de Paris, near the entrance to metro station Bérault

A small piece of old reel-to-reel tape, on a small plastic reel. There was nothing on it but the noise. I scanned the tape. The picture is on the exhibition's index page.

04/29/2003 12h30/13h00 Pontoise - avenue Adolphe Chauvin

Starting my lunch stroll, I found a first part of this tape on the parking lot of the Science & Technology faculty. Half an hour later, when returning, I picked up the rest of it, carefully wrapped around a tree on the pavement, some hundred meters from where I found the first part. Indeed these turned out to be from the same cassette. It contained the recording of Gershwin's Porgy & Bess, performed by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, originally recorded in 1957, and released on Verve Records.

04/28/2003 12h50 Les Mureaux - avenue Paul Raoult, in front of the TOTAL gas station, near the viaduct

In an email message dated August 1st, 2004, and signed 'Chelsea', Mtndew131 identified #44 as being part of the Hanson song 'Where's the love', from the album Middle of nowhere (1997).

04/24/2003 13h15 Bobigny - avenue jean Jaurès, tram track, near nr. 159


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