Exhibit 02

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09/21/2002 17h30 Vincennes - rue Victor Basch.

Fragments of French (children) songs.

09/18/2002 16h05 Paris XII - boulevard Diderot, corner of rue de Chaligny

In an email message dated August 1st, 2004, and signed 'Chelsea', Mtndew131 identified the singer in #9 as Jewel, the song title being 'Adrian', from the album Pieces of You (1994).
Also, Chelsea wrote, "number聽9 contains a part of Jewel's song 'I'm sensitive', where she sings "I was thinking..." before the song Adrian."
(`'路.赂(`'路.赂聽 赂.路'麓) 赂.路'麓) 
`路.赂赂.*聽 Chelsea 聽* 麓篓`路.赂赂
(赂.路'麓(赂.路'麓聽 `'路.赂)`' 路.赂)

09/17/2002 12h40 Les Mureaux - avenue Paul Raoult, shrubbery near Shell station

French rap (113 - end of 'Les Bronz茅s', beginning of 'Pas de paroles en l'air', from the album 113 fout la merde, Small Records, 2002).

09/17/2002 12h30 Les Mureaux - avenue de la R茅publique

Lionel Richie, 'Running with the night', from his 1983 Motown album Can't Slow Down.

09/17/2002 12h20 Les Mureaux - parking lot, all茅e de Touraine

Beginning of a classical piece. Piano, strings.

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