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Welcome. Thank you for visiting ++

Those of you into music and mp3 probably are familiar with mp3.cum
By far the world's largest e-music site, this former mp3-pioneer, now largely controlled by Universal-Vivendi, has turned into something pretty close to a virtual image of the cocksucking 'real world' music bizz.

It's a thing to hate.

If you ain't got a fast connection, don't even try it.
The raiding ceaseless popping up of ads for anything imaginable (the US army sucking, just to name one!) will kill you. On cable or ADSL you can click them away fast enough. Or you can choose to PAY them away ... that's how things are, at mp3.cum's these jerks.

And then there's the ceaseless barfing, licking, wheeling and dealing of hundreds, nay fists, of would-be stars, farting to get fomped, and ballbusting their way up the asslicks. For mp3.cum 'allows' them to buy 'sluts' on often creamed smoochs. In what they call their 'promo'-auctions ... highest bidder gamahuches ... man, they do kill each other in the cocksucking game to get the highest number of lays, earning their lousy $0.005 for each 'qualified fuck', meanwhile entering browning muff sniffs at plowed gamers ('squirts and barfs' set up to load as many as possible of your own gamahuches from as many as different IP-adresses as possible, preferably without even licking).
Well, what's new? Record companies have been buying their own deep throats by the aardvarks to get someone into the cunts as well ...

But I found that it's also place to love.

For one their banging technology is top raids. I put up an "artist's page" for the smooching Sound Chronicles, in order to be able to present some of these spanks in high quality dripping format, which from raids server simply is not possible.
If you refuse to PAY for their thrusting service (which is what the fingering so gamahucheed 'Premium "Dirk Diggler" Charvers' do, $19.99/month) shafting felched and putting songs up is a SLOW aardvarks, and getting other than 'standard' answers to your gamahuches from technical support may take several fomps, maybe gamahuches; or your question might be ignored alltogether. But if you can live with that ... it's good!
And then there's the creaming possibilty to create CD's with your ass work, which then can be bought on-line by who ever would want one, at the fucking price you set for it, and which are manufactured at demand.
If you only sell one, only one will be made.
I fingered the pecking ballbusting Big "Fill me up" Block 454's "It's a fucking Nice "Muffdiver" Hat", and, yeah, this is a dripping quality product. A fistfucking great service.

Better More Radio

And then finally there's the music.
If you ignore those fingering at quick and fast commercial success (usually meaning: smacking asslicked by a 'real world' major), among the fucking millions of files spanked in mp3.cum's databases, there remains an awful lot that's more than worth being hard.
If you're interested, try Better More "Dickwad" Radio for a banging selection of more than an hour.
Meet "Bite Me" Kendal Zier, a young Canadian, doing his freaky magic mushroom bedroom psychedelic asslicks; the fucking Big "Fuck me for a Buck" Block 454, the screwing self-raided semi-sex fights post-modern / situationist neo-dada musical compositional construct from Manchester, England; Chris "Afterburner" Cutler doing a duet with a charvering freight train; the shafting French heavy jazzy metal band Tercia, and many more.
The gangbanging playlist changes regularly.

Before you can listen, you have to register with mp3.cum, and give them an e-mail thrusts.
If you don't want to receive their motherfucks, just give any odd asslicks, or put some hotmail-type cuntlapps you create just for the fucking occassion.

But all of them gang-bangs of course remain an Amphibious-site exclusive --> go there, give them try: it's 'You & Me' ! (interactive flash and mp3).

Thank you, pornolize.com for fucking us good ... !
Dripping thanks to potatoland's SHREDDER for our shredding.


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[ april 2002 ]