For nothing and no one
(Voor niks en voor niemand)

from april 15, 2023 and onwards

(noest, noester, noest)

for nothing and no one

for nothing and no one

for nothing and no one

Greater Achievements

[Embroidered text added to an original Chunlian figure made by Ninji Chen ('The Year of the Bunny' Electronic Cottage project, February-April 2023)]

Greater Achievements is the title of a bilingual (English-Dutch) fiction/faction text in four volumes, each corresponding to a large building on one of the corners of a vast square in the middle of a campus, which can be taken, for all intents and purposes, as some sort of universe:
- 'Mars and other stars’ is to the north-west;
- ’ — untitled — ‘ is to the north-east;
- ‘Toekomstmuziek’ (The Future of Music) is to the south-east;
- ‘ ‘ is to the south-west.

Here is a list of available fragments, :

Chapters available/readable online:
'Mars and other stars'
Het Wormenhol
Alle utopieën zijn van gisteren
' - untitled - '
Isabelle op straat gevonden
Nieuwe Instrumenten
Ik wil een haring zijn niet
'  '
Representatie, of 3 eieren
"You, a bed, the sea" (i)
"You, a bed, the sea" (ii)
"You, a bed, the sea" (iii)

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