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Amsterdam - 31 december, 2021


08:59 - Outside it is moist and grey. The Weather app on my iPhone's home screen shows a 13 degrees Celsius. "Highest temperatures ever measured in Holland on a Saint Sylvester's Day!", a national News site's app's notifications claim.
I did not look at the rest that makes up the ceaseless mix of shouts 'n' pics 'n' links 'n' things that keeps pouring out of my cyber tap. A stream of facts and non-facts, truths, falsehoods, and things somewhere in between, that to differing degrees will overlap, but also always remain quite different from each of yours.
Of course. Its universal feel notwithstanding, let's not forget it's generated by algorithmic feedback loops that meaninglessly build on and pump back maximally what they're being fed, by you, by me, by myself & I. With as its one and only aim to maximise interactions with the, and hence the feeding of the—stream.
The stream's sole purpose is to stream.
That makes me puke.
I'm pretty much fully fed up with that.
'I think maybe you feel the same
What can we do?'

;-) ...
09:37 - Still.
Thank you—whoever and wherever you are—for your sometimes attention, no matter how little, and implied support. Passing over into 2022, the SoundBlog's TWENTIETH year of online-ness, here then is a brief rappel of three of our personal highlights, as they shone in the twentieth-minus-one.
1. The four brilliant parts released of the Sudoku Solutions on Bandcamp, three sudokoncrete volumes and 'Sudo, Kiss Me!', a fully digital one, to be completed eventually by a final fifth album, with a recording of (a performance of) the sudokist string quartet.
2. ookoi's persistent writing of the elusive b.ookoi, a process you might want to follow. Do it on Bandcamp and Instagram.
Or send me a snail mail address, and I will write you a letter.
3. The first volume of "The Art of K7" by X0=1, released on the British Steepgloss label, as a great-buy analog cassette tape, as well as a as-cheap-as-it-gets digital download.

SG44 cover

12:14 - Invisible, in plain sight.
Invisible, in full view.
14:23 - There's a glimpse of sunshine, while queuing up for oil balls. And first in a long time indeed that I finished reading a recently written Dutch novel these holi-days, in which three words stood out for me (in reverse order of their appearing): schijndageraad, schijnpad and schijnmuziek... feint, mock-up and sham.
I thought quite a bit about writing schijnmuziek.
I also dreamt a dream about performing an unusual sort of a concert.
About the other book writing I will not tell you anything
19:20 - yet.



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