february 16, 2010.

In the soundblog's side bar, way down below, there has always been a spot for two short lists, in which I gathered links to some of the things that I recently read, saw or heard; most of them directly related to subjects I write about here myself. vroeger Sort of a faint echo of the primordial 'link-log' function of 'blogs', quoi, before the blog-split turned some of them into online epics trying to outgrow the size of a A la recherche, while others settled in a flow of haiku-sized half-hourly yells and status updates.

I do know that a decent part of you did use these lists, as I saw you leaving the soundblog by clicking on one of these links ... But these 'read online'- and 'heard/seen online'-links were there as much for me. As a way to hang on to some of the things that otherwise would too quickly pass and disappear in the massive flow of daily information.

The idea, of course, is useful. But it did not work the way that it should.
It didn't work for me, because I kept no history of the lists, that would make them into a kind of collection of bookmarks that I might use as a reference.
And therefore it also did not work for you: because of the lack of this 'history' function, there was no real reason for me to add the links (I already had read, heard or seen the stuff myself), so more often than not I just forgot to update the lists.

Therefore I am going to do it differently. I will as of now use twitter.com/soundblog.
Each tweet by @soundblog will be a link to something I recently read, heard or saw and that for some reason I think you should read, hear or see as well.
Those so inclined may as of now follow @soundblog, and check my day-by-day doses of sonic and other information. grin

Thanks to a fine twitter widget, the most recent tweets will appear in the sidebar, replacing the former 'hear/read/seen' blocs.


As for my own gain in all this: I hope the twitter@soundblog will manage to function as the 'soundblog bookmarks' archive that I never succeeded to establish, in none of the several other ways that I tried.

Et hop ...

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If only the goal of our journey were
nearer, we all would be jolly long less.

february 13, 2010.

[ podcast :: sbpc 35 ... s ]

Probably only the closest viewers of the SoundBlog would have guessed, but it is a matter of fact that the Korg MS20 is by far my favorite performing instrument. Whenever I have the choice, I will take it with me on stage. It doesn't happen an awful lot. That I have that choice, I mean. The Korg is a cumbersome thing to carry around, and also - often - it just doesn't suit the concept and/or occasion. But sometimes it does. And recently it did. A couple of weeks ago, when Ana-R was invited by the Rhinoceros to come and liven up the monstre's monthly laboratory of strange musix aux Combustibles, not far from the Gare de Lyon in Paris, France.


Rhino's Festival des Musiques Etranges, that sunday january 24th, apart from the Ana-R and Jean-Marc Montarou himself, featured illustrious names, like Ultradig, Xtronik, Document 02, and fine visuals signed VJ Stefan G. Given the facts that (a) most of you were not there, (b) this was one of the rare occasions that I play my Korg on stage and (c) our contribution that sunday afternoon was particularly (brilliant()inspired), SoundBlog viewers should grab their second chance with this 12 minute podcast... Click the link at the beginning of this entry, or - alternatively - use the following thumb of the file's cover.
[ Donations are welcome; use the PayPal button in the side-bar. ]

coverWhat you hear starts at about the precise moment during Ana-R's opening of that sunday's Rhinolabo that Anthony Carcone (guitar & electrix) and myself (Korg MS20 & dictaphone) enter the Les Combustibles stage and take over the drone that in the twenty-five or so minutes before was built by RĂ©bus and Cosmo.
The connoisseur and dyed-in-the-wool listener will surely recognize one of Cosmo's original buddha-boxes, chanting in the wide reverberating mist that opens this - very fine indeed - podcast, which is titled: "If only the goal of our journey were nearer, we all would be jolly long less".

The hammering sound was recorded a couple of days before the concert, when I happened to pass at the Vincennes conservatory at the very moment that, in one of the rooms upstairs, a couple of guys were busy changing the tuning mechanism of a Yamaha baby grand.




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