logo ‘A Carcassone Table!’ is A Table!'s 2010 reconstruction of the small kitchentable, that, including all that on it ‘was the case’ at 15h47 on Tuesday 17 October 1961, was comprehensively mapped and described by Swiss nouveau réalist Daniel Spoerri in his ‘Topographie Anecdotée du Hasard’ (An Anecdoted Topography of Chance, 1962).
A Spoerri Table!
logo A Table! uses the Carcassone table as an instrument in a series of performances in 2010 and 2011. On other occasions it can be seen on its own, as a sound (or no-sound) installation.

logo 'Re: Table. Rezzing Daniel Spoerri's 1961 Carcassonne table' is the accompanying illustrated artist book, with many footnotes. In 2 essays and 1 'new reality' play Schellinx explains in 'Re: Table' why A Table!'s performances are dual to Spoerri's picture-traps, what became of room number 13 in the Hotel de Carcassonne, and how A Table! went about rezzing the Carcassonne table.

logo Looking for Room 13 (A la recherche de la chambre 13) is a short musical theatre play in four acts, that still awaits its realization.

logo (Topographic [Table) Topographique] is the record that wraps it all up. The result of this ambitious recording & compositional project, a work in four parts that took several months of full-time 60+ track studio recording, editing and mixing to finish, is still attending a fitting physical release. At this time it is not (yet) publicly available.
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