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[ mai/june 2002 ]

Welcome! Thanx for visiting - xxx.
Ain't these great times to be alive ... ?

We recently have added two brand new Sound Chronicles: "Schinken" and "EuxMemes", bringing the number of items on our playlist up to 15.

To celebrate, we decided to refresh the look of the Flash streamer (hit that little radio and start playing the Chronicles tout de suite!)... And even though large parts of the world hurriedly update their plugin/player to a version 6+ to keep up with them new trix of Flash MX, you still only need a plugin version 4 or more to enjoy this little beauty, now bringing you 45 minutes of excellences concrètes ...
Check out some of the reviews :

“Excellent concrète pieces” --
“My my my the music sure has changed! What these kids wont do for a thrill! Very original!” --
“Smooth extended transitions between soundscapes and careful
layering create sublime atmosphere” --
“I like it, I think its new and refreshing. Great work” --

Many people go missing, day in day out. Sometimes they simply chose to do so, often they did not, but always they'll leave a whole lotta desperately seeking and despairing relatives and friends behind.
missingpersons.org puts the pictures of missing (mainly) Brits on the net, encouraging also other web sites all over the world to put up animated icons as the one to the left, hoping that somehow someone somewhere will hit upon one of them on some page, and remember having seen a him or her yesterday night in that Ibiza discothèque, last week strolling along NY's 7th avenue, somewhere on the Tokyo underground ... Well, you get the idea ... It's a good one, I'd say.
Let's spread the word ...

Better More Radio

“And, hey! dude, what's spinnin' over at Better More's ?” you asked me... Glad you did! Morrei's choice of close to two hours of more than worthwhile music to be found at mp3.com currently includes some fascinating electro by mk_hbr, from Brooklyn, NY -- Destructive Genius's 'Bombay Duck', from Mumbai, India -- '3 Moods for violin and percussion n° 1' by the American composer Tom van Oostrom -- Paul Hartsaw's meta-stable zoo live at the Empty Bottle in Chicago -- Hip Hop from the Bronx by Budda Bless -- Lisa Parkin's 'Don't Dis' Me' -- and more, and more and more ... Try it!

Before you can listen, you have to register with mp3.com, and give them an e-mail address.
If you don't want to receive their mailings, just give any odd address, or put some hotmail-type address you create just for the occassion.

Continuing thanks to potatoland's SHREDDER for shredding us.

free SCREENSAVER versions of Stereo01, for Windows and MacOS ...
PC: WinZip Archive
(335 Kb)
Mac: StuffIt File
(334 Kb)

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