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WirWarts is the petname that I gave to my very first site, which developed out of the one or two or three pages that since sometime 1993 (or 1994; or was it 1995?) were hosted on the servers of the logic department of the Université Paris VII, with a couple of links to some drafts of papers in logic and to similar pages of colleagues.
Many of these colleagues still have and sometimes even use these pages, more or less in their original, highly efficiënt and funtional, state. Like here you have Harry Buhrman's (old) page... (Harry's doing research on computational complexity in Amsterdam).Or peep at Vincent Danos's page, at the PPS.

Over the years my 'faculty site' developed into sort of a private web playground which I used not only to make my scientific papers available, but also to familiarize myself with the ever faster developing techniques of 'web site publishing', by putting up fun and private - but always sort of creative - stuff.

Like the 'Fegefeuer'-page, promoting a little book that I co-authored with Hans Heesterbeek and Jan van Neerven in the early 1990's. Or the 'AzA'-page, giving a random 'creative hint' in one of three possible languages (English, Dutch, French) on every re-load, inspired by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's 'Oblique Strategies'.

WirWarts over the years went through many a face-lift ... On the left you see screenshots of the front pages as they were around the end of 1998, 1999 and 2001 respectively.
As of mid-2000, when I got the 'harsmedia.com'-domain, the WirWarts site became pretty much static...
But it continued to be 'live', and continued to have visitors ... a couple a day, at least, anyway ... (I often wondered what thay were looking for ... )

Since late december 2002, however, the URL that many knew and loved :-), for almost NINE years your key to WirWarts -- www.logique.jussieu.fr/www.hars -- is no longer active. Of course I could have decided to put it up elsewhere, and keep it accessible. But it just would not be the same on a different domain ... So, hey, I think that it is good the way it is! For all things must pass ...

So. Yeah. No more archives of the Utrecht Seminar of Mathematical Logic, so deliciously shredded by Shredder 1.0 ... No more selling costum closed copies (the one pictured on the page went to a Japanese buyer) of my 'Noble Art of Linear Decoration' ...

And no more access to Harsman's writings ... (But that'll be just temporary, I promise ...)


HS -- jan. 04, 2003

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