placard huit deux mille cinq

"ZandOog" Placard Prologue
sunday may 29, 2005

PARK4DTV's Raudio has been hosting this year's final 'Prologue' to the international headphone festival Placard #8, as part of the 'Zandoog' project, initiated by galery Dit Eiland, in Hollum, on the Dutch island of Ameland.
From within the confines of its Zandoog Studio (achterom bij Galerie Dit Eiland, Burenlaan 1, Hollum) Raudio - from 16h00 till midnight - streamed live performances by 0 ok, 0:1, HarS and fpcm, interlaced with streaming 'pure sound' contributions from all over the world.

studio Dit Eiland

Now listen to this: Park-artist Alberto De Michele, contributed online from Xiamen in China; DaveX, host of "It's Too Damn Early" (an experimental music show broadcasted weekly on WDBX 91.1FM, in Southern Illinois), was skyping to us live from Carbondale, IL, USA; from Bures-sur-Yvette, just to the south of Paris, we received and streamed a performance by Erebus (website); Blinde Kinder (Jonas Kocher and Raphael Raccuia) were performing live for us in their studio in Bienne, Switzerland; pure image and sound artist Ate M. Hes (website) has been plunderphonicking from his home in Utrecht, the Netherlands; and The International Garbageman (Björn Eriksson) came live all the way from Stockholm, Sweden ...

There was a special 'listen-only placard', set up at 'de Digitale Salon', in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Here's the Placard's program ... "Now listen to this!" ...

16h00-16h10 :: 0 ok, 0:1 (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)
16h10-16h30 :: Raudio Podcasts
16h30-17h00 :: DaveX ('skyping live', from Carbondale, Il, USA)
17h00-17h20 :: 0 ok, 0:1 [with special guest: Dick Tuinder] - "Paraplus" (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)
17h20-17h30 :: Alberto de Michele (Xiamen, China)
17h30-18h30 :: Erebus (Bures-sur-Yvette, France)
18h30-19h00 :: HarS - "Meikevevers" (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)
19h00-19h30 :: Ate M. Hes (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
19h30-20h00 :: fpcm - "Vicky's Mosquitos" (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)
20h00-20h30 :: J. Verroest (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
20h30-21h00 :: fpcm (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)
21h00-22h00 :: Blinde Kinder (Biel, Switzerland)
22h00-22h45 :: - intermezzo -
22h45-23h45 :: International Garbageman (Stockholm, Sweden)
23h45-00h15 :: 0 ok, 0:1 (ZandOog Studio, Hollum, the Netherlands)

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