what is in a w - i - k - i ?

nov 18, 2003.

A WiKi is a web site that, in principle, is written by its users. Each and every visitor can, in principle, change any page or create new pages from within his or her web browser.

I'd like to invite you to use the HarsWiki linked to from the SoundBlog to leave comments on posts, links, and whatever else you feel like sharing. Start your own page, if you like ... The Wiki might become the 'comments and discussions' section of the SoundBlog, as well as a place where you can contribute ... It might also stay deserted of course ... :-) ... up to you !

[ 15 oct. 2004 -- HarSWiki is no longer available ... ]

HarSWiKi Logo

It takes some getting used to, especially the, few but somewhat peculiar, text-formatting rules (which also tend to differ from one wiki-version to another). Most Wiki's have a SandBox page where you can practice and do some testing. After some trial and error you'll get the hang of it. After it's easy sailing.

An example of a long running and large scale Wiki is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written by its users ...

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