DIKTAT: Paris Trilogy (3 x D-Day)

If you're in or near Paris mid-july, 3 chances to see and hear DIKTAT perform, in very different constellations, at three very different spots (each worth a visit) and on three different but consecutive days ... On sunday july 13th, in La Comète 347 at 45, rue du Faubourg du Temple in the Xth arrondissement, as of 20h30 there will be a DIKTAT Big Band performance, for which we will be joined by Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (sax), Elena Dunkelman (voc), Yoko Miura (p), Anthony Carcone (g) and several others still to be confirmed, in a grand electro-instrumental post-music summer celebration ... Then, on Bastille Day, monday july 14th, DIKTAT and guests will be wearing headphones, and thus fill the final hour (16h-17h) of Placard XI, this year's parisian 72 hours placard, which is taking place at La nouvelle Générale, in Sèvres ... On tuesday july 15th, as of 19h00, we will complete our Paris trilogy with an unplugged quartet performance in café La Veilleuse, at 26, rue des Envierges, in the XXth arrondissement ...

_Twice Twice_: Diktat went double Swiss

june 29, 2008.

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In each of its last two parisian performances - which came to be separated by an interval of seven months - DIKTAT met live with a duo from Switzerland.

i/   B U G

First, there was BUG. That's an acronym, with 'B' standing for Christian Bucher. The 'U' goes with und. And then the 'G' is for Andreas Glauser. Artists and organizers Andreas Glauser and Julia Kälin, run their own art production label from Zurich. It is called Brainhall. At the time of our joint concert, for the duration of a half year's residency, Brainhall was based in the parisian Cité des Arts.

Their website provides an extensive overview of Brainhall's many activities in music-, sound-, performance-, art. If such interests you, and you still have - every now and every then - some moments to spare for a look and a listen, then order the free Brainhall audio/data promotion CD, geyer tablecontaining lots of images, video documentation of performances at the three editions of the Brainhall Festival für Geräusche and 13 tracks from the Brainhall catalogue of limited audio CD editions, with several tracks from earlier Bucher/Glauser releases.
Given my continuing interest in and attention for the 'scoring' and sonic potential of laid tables, I could not but be fascinated by watching the video extracts of Karen Geyer's 'akusTisch' performance at the 2007 edition of the festival, who used a set of vintage-looking hotplates, metal pots, kettles and other kitchen utilities, to set in motion a kind gramma's kitchen-metal machine music ...

Listening to the audio part of the Brainhall promo CD, I was most of all struck by the 6th track, called J3. It is, as a matter of fact, the last track of C-J 123578, which is a trio CD from 2005, by Bucher, Unternährer and Glauser. BUG CD This, you will agree, is even BUG-ger than BUG ... :-) ...
Marc Unternährer plays the tuba, which is special, already merely in its basic fact-ness. It is not everyday that I hear the tuba played, even less so played as played by Unternährer. The sounds and colors produced form a wonderful expansion and additional voice in the already large spectrum and multiple layers that Christian's versatile drumming and Andreas' modular mixing console provide. The ten tracks on C-J 123578 were built from material gathered in the course of several 'long-lasting recording sessions'. The original limited 200 copies CD edition is sold out, but the good news is that C-J 123578 was re-released as a (free download) net-CD by Insubordinations, a Swiss 'netlabel for improvised music'.

We set up with BUG in La Comète 347 to perform, in the autumn of last year, on the evening of friday november 9th, 2007. There were three parts. First, there was DIKTAT. Then BUG performed as a duo. We finished the evening ensemble, as a sextet.

Here's an extract from the third part of the concert, the sextet performance, as it was caught by Rébus' digicam and used in his u-Tube video report of the evening:

fltr, most of the time: Andreas Glauser (el), Jean Bordé (b), Christian Bucher (dr), Har$ (g, dict), Rébus (el, dict), Rinus van Alebeek (dict)

ii/   J E U D I

JEUDI - thus called because the duo's first ever performance was on a thursday - are Benoît Moreau and John Menoud.
I had seen them perform in Paris before.
That was on a saturday.
It was january 20th last year, when they were at the Atelier Tampon in Paris, with Jean Bordé on double bass, and Dan Warburton on violin.
A month later we played together as part of Jonas Kocher's soirée carte blanche ensemble, in Switzerland, in the Théatre 2.21 in Lausanne.
That was on a friday.
This year we met again. It was on a sunday, june 15th, in the small-ish basement of l'Ogresse in the rue des Prairies, Paris XX.

Benoît and John came over on a short tour, that took them from Liège and Brussels via Paris on to Marseille. Important and remarkable ingredient of the JEUDI concept is that wherever the duo performs, it will systematically invite local musicians to join in their performance.

That sunday in Paris, DIKTAT was JEUDI's invité ... [ hattip Michael Ghent took the pictures (click to enlarge). ]


We did two sets as a quintet, with John Menoud on electric guitar/electronics, and Benoît Moreau on clarinet/electronics. This SB entry's podcast lets you listen to and/or download a twenty minute extract of the first of the two sDiktat Meets Jeudi sets.

eggboxDIKTAT met JEUDI as a trio, because it would have been asking a bit much of Rinus to travel from Berlin to Paris and back again just for a, pretty much last-minute arranged, no-budget one night stand ( * )
It was like that.
"Free lodgings, free food".
(But we all know there's worse ...)
Despite the zero artist fee, l'Ogresse does look after its performers. We got our beers, we had a decent meal ... And though we were not terribly insistent about it, we thought to pass a hat around, and raise a bit of cash for our Swiss friends, to help pay for their train ride on to Marseille. Well, actually we didn't pass it around. Jean put it on a small table next to the door. Come to think of, it wasn't really a hat either. It was the paper pulp egg box that I used for my contact mike and a handful of paperclips, screws and other bits of metal.
So maybe we asked for it ...
Some change found its way into the egg box, and into JEUDI's pockets. Barely enough for a bite for the road, though.
There was also a crispy new bill in the box. One I had never seen before. It's the one in the picture below: 10 Mongolian Tugrik.
Benoît and John were so kind as to leave that for DIKTAT.

Had we been in Mongolia, according to Wikipedia it would have bought us "a couple of pieces of candy". Over here, with the current exchange rate, it makes € 0,005468. Half a cent. No sex, no candy ...

But of course it'll go up! Later. Just you wait and see ...

mongolian currency

notes __ ::
(*) Rinus proposed a virtual presence for DIKTAT's meeting with JEUDI at l'Ogresse, by sending over a cassette tape from Germany. We would have put his tape in a player and played it, were it not that the package with the cassette arrived only the day after ... I keep the package, unopened, until maybe a next time ... [ ^ ]

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