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february 20, 2005.

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Saturday evening's first 'loftconcert' was a small and informal, but (also because of that) a very special event. Thanks to all that came, to look, to listen, but of course especially to those that performed: Esther Bourdages, Aimé Dontigny and David Turgeon, Jen Morris, Tomas Phillips and Chantale Laplante, and Anna Friz ...

Here are some, pretty much random, stills from the many hours of video that was captured. There simply is no time for more. At this moment. I spent most of the day going through all of these files, batchloading them into Adobe Première on one of the loft's PC's, cleaning them up, and exporting a series of short 'clips', one for each of the performances. The drives have to be cleaned, and in a couple of hours already starts the 'second gathering'.

I began also, this morning, to select parts of the audio recordings made, for a Raudio Podcast documenting the event. It's pretty unlikely though, that I'll be able to finish that before this evening's concert ...

Sometimes it's a shame that I cannot be two. Or better, three ... :-)


As for tonight's 'loftconcert' performers, there will be: Esther Bourdages, i8u, Kathy Kennedy, and HarS. Doors open, again, at 19h00.

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[More sounds and pictures from the loft are available at the page dedicated to the project by Med'i.ate Network's Project Soundwave.]

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