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Metro Paris, november 22, 2000, 10h20 :: I'm on line 13, which takes me from Champs Elysées to Mairie de Clichy. A beggar aboard. I often see him on this part of my daily commuting trip. His name is Christian, he is forty years old. His story never changes. Same lines, same intonation.

At home, Vincennes, october 28, 2000, evening :: Peter and I improvise. We're playing guitar, piano, organ. We also sing along with our playing.

Maastricht, the Netherlands, november 5, 2000, around noon :: Sunday. I walk down my mother's, towards the soccer fields. A car starts, doors are slammed shut. I'm watching the final minutes of a game. Sound from a loud speaker. There's a strong wind blowing. A child's crying. The players walk off the field. They are speaking. In Turkish ?

Paris, october 28, 2000 :: Strolling with Peter, Maya and Alec through Paris. In a tiny bar the children play with an ashtray. Sound of an espresso machine. We take the elevator up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. A woman talking. We make a lot of noise, throw keys on the iron platform of the tower, shout and sing ...

Thalys, november 5, 2000, around 15h00 :: I'm on the Thalys train from Liège to Paris, with Alec. A bunch of highschool kids is returning a school trip to Germany. One plays the guitar. All together they sing 'La Bamba'.

Metro Paris, november 22, 2000, about 19h30 :: Once again line 13, now from Mairie de Clichy to Champs Elysées. On the seats opposite of me two men are conversing in a Slavic language.

Montage: 21-25 november 2000

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