( "Bouquetreeks" - 1980 )

++ 3rd Edition ++
nov. 2005




Throughout 1980 we worked on - but never really finished - a series of songs that we ever since refer to as our "Dokterromannetjes" ('three-penny-novels'): the lyrics were based upon (translated) fragments that we 'borrowed' from a couple of those 'throw-or-lend-away' booklets with stories of romance, love, hate and nothingness between doctors and nurses.
Originally we recorded them sound-on-sound, in mono, on an AKAI-taperecorder. Somewhat later we re-recorded some of them on a TEAC 4-track machine.
Three of them are included on this page. Using the 'Flash'-consoles next to the lyrics you can listen to streaming lo-fi mono-versions of the songs: to play, click the colored blob in the down-left corner; use the black thingy in the down-right corner to interrupt play-back. (Maybe needless to say, but for this to work you need a Flash plug-in, version 4 or more, and a reasonably quick internet-connection.)
You can download the mp3-versions by clicking the titles, below.

Music & lyrics by Ronald Heiloo and Harold Schellinx, Amsterdam 1980.
"A Hundred Eager Questions" - lead vocal, keyboard :: Ronald Heiloo | guitar, backing vocal :: Harold Schellinx -- "Too Much Presence" - vocal, violin :: Ronald Heiloo | harmonium, bass :: Harold Schellinx -- "The Fired One" - lead vocal, keyboard :: Ronald Heiloo | guitar, backing vocal :: Harold Schellinx.

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